New Videos on Air Pollution Available

New Videos on Air Pollution Available

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We are delighted to announce that TVLINK Europe, the online video distribution platform for TV professionals, has now moved to Vimeo Professionals. TVLINK Europe is designed to meet the needs of audiovisual journalists by helping them provide better coverage of European issues. The site enables journalists to illustrate European subjects through the distribution of video reports that can be used in full or as third-party footage and obtained via our press team

This week, we issued a series of topical video clips on air pollution to highlight this huge issue. After Climate Change, air pollution is the top environmental concern of EU citizens. It is also the number one environmental cause of early death in the EU – impacting more than 400 000 people each year. Air pollution affects people living in cities the most. From asthma and heart disease to lung cancer, poor air quality has triggered chronic health conditions in millions of Europeans. And it’s a heavy economic burden - costing us well over €20 billion a year.

These issues will be discussed in Paris on 16-17 November 2017 at the Clean Air Forum. The forum will raise the importance of air pollution issues on the international stage, and bring together experts, stakeholders and decision-makers to share knowledge and discuss successful solutions. This year's Clean Air Forum will focus on three topics: air quality in cities, agriculture and air quality, and clean air business opportunities.

Films to be used in their original version (no international versions available, no re-editing possible) include:

Clean Air for Agriculture and Clean Air in Cities are available in English, French, German, Italian, Romanian, Bulgarian and Polish via our Vimeo Portofolios.

International version of films - both about clean air projects -  are available (re-editing possible):

To order the films for download, contact us for more information and send a message to:

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All films are subjected to copyrights rules of the Central Audiovisual Library of the European Commission. Credit: Users are requested to refer to the credit which accompanies each individual file. Where this is not found, please quote the following copyright: © European Union, 2017.

About Air Quality

Find out the quality of the air you are breathing right now! At the Clean Air Forum, the European Environment Agency will launch a new tool, the Air Quality Index allowing citizens to check the quality of the air where they live almost in real-time.

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